The Skaden (France) - You Will Hope I Had Died (2009)

01 Pain and Sexual Overdose Delusion
02 The Suicide of Thoughts
03 A Peaceful Moment
04 White Noise in a Monochrome Night
05 Grand Final
06 Kisamara Ha Ore No Shi Wo Nozomu

Sound-wise, THE SKADEN's long-awaited new album "You Will Hope I had Died..." is a drastic change over the previous "There's No Light at the End of the Tunnel..." album as EIKENSKADEN (from 2006, also on Records)-- this new album reveals a totally progressed sound venturing in the realms of shoe-gazing Post-Black Metal, but still retaining some distinctive EIKENSKADEN / MYSTIC FOREST signature sounds, namely Stefan's grim vocals and the French continental-oriented melodic distorted guitar which has evolved from the ultra-necro atmosphere of the original Les Legions Noire (French 'Black Legions') Underground. "You Will Hope I had Died..." is depressive, melancholy and morbidly suicidal... Purveying singular-minded themes of solitude, desolation, and despair!


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