Hooded Priest (Netherlands) - Devil Worship Reckoning (2010)

01 Mrs. Satan
02 8 o'Clock Witch
03 Devil Worship Reckoning
04 Alibi
05 Well Worth The Dig
06 Bleak Ol 'Tyrant
07 Hooded Priest Pt. I & Pt. II

Fans of old Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Witchfinder General etc. Thankfully no grunts are used and therefore Hooded Priest is a band that I can keep on listening to in the future! Hooded Priest is a good Doom Metal band because they’re able to mix melody in the songs. Another part I find interesting is the way the guitar solos are played. I love this kind of melancholic and dark leads, Hooded Priest deserves my respect because of it!

- Infinity Webzine

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Anonymous said...

este album es realmente bueno, recomendado al 100%, gracias por compartirlo !!